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General Assembly 2020

16 December 2020, 4PM (CET)

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1.    Information by the President – Kjell Salvanes

2.    Amendments to the Statutes of the Society

The Council of ESPE met on the 18th of June, 4pm – 5.30pm CET, over a Skype conference call. The Council discussed the organizational changes that needed to be made because of the cancellation of the 2020 conference and considered possible options. The Council unanimously voted for the following one-time change to the ESPE rules due to the Covid-19 pandemic:

  • The terms of Kjell Salvanes as President, Wilbert van der Klaauw as President-Elect, and Libertad Gonzalez as President-Elect-in-waiting. Kjell Salvanes will serve as President until 2021, Wilbert van der Klaauw as President-Elect in 2021 and President in 2022, Libertad Gonzalez as President-Elect in 2022 and President in 2023. We will also be postponing the election of a new President-Elect (normally for 2022) to 2021 (when we will vote for the President-Elect for 2023).

  • The Council voted to add the following sentence to the Statutes of the society, which still has to be approved by the General Assembly. Thus, the Executive Committee suggests the addition of the following to the Statutes: “Only in the event that the Annual Conference has to be cancelled (for external reasons, i.e., natural disaster, pandemic) will there be the option (to be voted on during a General Assembly) of extending all terms of Council and Executive Committee members by one year”.

3.    Annual report of ESPE accounts by ESPE Treasurer – Thomas Siedler

4.    Presentation of next year’s conference venue by the local organizer Libertad Gonzalez

5.    Other issues

To have a say in the General Assembly you must be a member of the European Society for Population Economics. If you have not yet renewed your membership for the year 2020 please visit: