Annual Congress of ESPE

The Annual Congress of the European Society for Population Economics takes place in June annually.


ESPE 2017 will take place on June 14-17, 2017 at the Strathclyde Business School, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland.

Michèle Belot will serve as the program chair and Robert E. Wright as local organizer.



ESPE 2016 will take place in Berlin (Germany), June 15-18.

Marco Francesconi will serve as the program chair and Daniel D. Schnitzlein as local organizer.

See the 2016 congress website.



ESPE 2015 took place in Izmir (Turkey), June 17-20.

Arthur van Soest will serve as the program chair and Değer Eryar as local organizer.

See the 2015 congress website.



ESPE 2014 took place in Braga (Portugal), June 18-21.

Erik Plug served as the program chair and Priscila Ferreira as local organizer.

See the 2014 congress website.



ESPE 2013 took place in Aarhus (Denmark), June 12-15.

James Albrecht served as the program chair and Helena Skyt Nielsen and Nina Smith as local organizers.

See the 2013 congress website.


ESPE 2012 took place in Bern (Switzerland), June 20-23.
Stefan C. Wolter served as the chair of the Local Organizing Committee and Deborah Cobb-Clark as the program chairman.

See the 2012 congress website.



ESPE 2011 took place in Hangzhou (China), June 16-18.
Junsen Zhang and Xianguo Yao were the co-chairmen of the Local Organizing Committee and Sara de la Rica  the program chairman.

See the 2011 congress website.



ESPE 2010 took place in Essen (Germany), June 10-12.
Christoph Schmidt was the local organizer, Rudolf Winter-Ebmer the program chairman.

See the 2010 congress website.



ESPE 2009 took place in Seville (Spain), June 11-13.

See the 2009 congress website.



ESPE 2008 took place in London, at the University College London, June 19 - June 21.

See the 2008 congress website.



ESPE 2007 took place in the University of Illinois at Chicago (USA), June 14-16.
Barry R. Chiswick was the local organizer, Christian Dustmann was the program chairman.

See the 2007 congress home page.



ESPE 2006 took place in Verona (Italy), June 22-24.
Federico Peralli was the local organizer.

See the 2006 congress home page.



ESPE 2005 took place in Paris at the Cité Universitaire, June 16-18.
Catherine Sofer together with Olivia Ekert-Jaffé were the local organizers, Patricia Apps was the program chairperson.



ESPE 2004 took place in Bergen, Norway, June 10-12.
Alf Erling Risa was the local organizer, Christoph M. Schmidt was the program chairman.



ESPE 2003 took place at New York University on Washington Square in NYC, June 13-15.